Overview on Web Hosting

After you have a great idea for a website, the first step is to sign up for a web hosting plan. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can register it at a domain registrar or web hosting company. Many web hosting companies are offering free domains for webmasters who don’t want to spend money on buying a domain. Buying a web hosting plan is better than using free hosting option. Free hosting is suitable for webmasters who want to test out websites or for sites that are not expected to have any traffic. It is suitable for webmasters who don’t care about the website performance and don’t expect any customer support. The major downside of free hosting is that in most cases it will display advertisements on your webpage.  Some free hosts let you host your registered domain name, e.g. a dot com,  some-url.com, on their servers but most only allow for a free sub-domain, e.g. yoursite.freehostingprovider.com.

If you want to start a website for an online business you should get commercial hosting. Most webmasters will opt for shared hosting. Shared hosting is a low cost solution and will provide all the features you will need for your website. Shared hosting offers a limited amount of disk spaces and bandwidth which is suitable for the majority of  websites on the web today. Using a content management system or CMS like WordPress or Drupal is the easiest way to get your website online. Here’s an easy guide to create a website using WordPress that breaks down this whole process step by step.

VPS and dedicated hosting offers more features for webmasters. If you want to host hundreds of websites, you can buy a VPS or dedicated hosting. Many large eCommerce websites use dedicated hosting. Websites that receive thousands of visitors per day can also use dedicated hosting. The average cost of a dedicated hosting is about $100 per month whereas the average cost of shared hosting is $2 – $10 per month. In VPS and dedicated hosting, the webmasters will be given unique IP addresses. They also have more control to the servers. You can install any script you need for your website in a dedicated hosting.

To determine which web hosting to buy, you should take some time to examine your website needs. The web hosting company should offer customer support for 24 hours a day. This is especially important if you are operating an eCommerce store and you don’t want to lose customers in case the server is down.  You can easily find reviews on the web hosting company you are interested in by doing research online. Some of the best places to find out the quality of the customer service of a web hosting company is to visit web hosting forums.

How to Use the Internet For Job Searching

Executive recruitment agencies and even some international search firms have websites that list details of existing vacancies. Visiting sites like Monster.com may also be fruitful in identifying appropriate vacancies to pursue. There are two schools of thought on the effectiveness of finding jobs via this avenue. Some people feel it is not worth the effort as good jobs are not listed on the Internet. Even if they are, competition from other job seekers could be global. The other school of thought says it is practical and appropriate to apply for positions in this way. As more and more businesses sell over the Internet (e.g. e-commerce), the day has come when more organizations recruit via the Internet versus the print media. In the meantime, there is no harm in exploring advertised vacancies there.

meeting_roomWhen sending your resumes through the Internet, do remember to save the document on commonly used software (e.g. Microsoft Word) so that the receiving party can easily open up your file and view or print your resume. You may also consider presenting your resume and the cover letter as part of your e-mail. With the onslaught of computer viruses, some recipients are apprehensive about opening up file attachments. Also, it may be easier for recipients to see all your information on one page instead of having to open up separate files.

Should I Post Resume on the Net?

There are many stories of job search successes resulting from the posting of resumes on job search websites. Before you decide to do so, take some time and effort to check out the credibility of the particular website you intend to post your resume on. The worst thing that could possibly happen would be for your boss to have access to the same website and find your resume sitting pretty there.

As a rule of thumb, do not include your contact details other than your e-mail address should you decide to post your resume. At least you still reserve the right of refusal to establish contact should you wish to when contacted. You will also need to find out if resumes are purged regularly by the webmaster (e.g. every three months) should no updating be done on your part. If possible, use websites that allow you to decide when to remove or edit your resume.

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